"I just love the fact that you are talking to “me” in your videos and it makes the experience more private."

Still Can’t Get Off Without My Sexy Feet? Do Everything I Say, and I’ll Let You Come


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23 October 2009

Now that I’ve hypnotized you into falling for my feet utterly and forever… Now that you’re completely addicted to my foot scent… Now that you’re my faithful foot slave… I’ve got you just where I want you. That’s right. You know you’re not supposed to be here standing in MY bedroom, but you can’t help yourself. Can you!?

You can’t come without my assistance, can’t get hard without the sight of my sexy feet, and can’t get turned on without taking a big whiff of my stinky pantyhose covered feet. You’re already staring at them… Dying to get a close look at my feet inside my hot new stilettos? Ha! You’re practically drooling!

If you’re lucky, I’ll let you see my feet. If you’re luckier, I’ll let you smell them. And if you do exactly what I have in mind for you, my pathetic little foot slave, then I’ll let you drench my delicate pantyhose feet in your hot cum upon my countdown.

Oh, don’t get excited just yet. I’m really gonna make you work for it.

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