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Sexy Shoe Shopper Intimidates You into Wetting your Pants Again


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10 September 2010

You shouldn’t stare like that. You should definitely NOT let her see you looking in her direction. You know what happened last time. You know you can’t handle a woman standing up to you, towering over you, putting you down. You know you’re easily intimidated. You know how those accidents happen. Yes, just like last time.

Your boss only had to yell at you, direct your attention on her, and talk you down as you felt that warm, familiar feeling in your underwear. It’s going to happen again. Don’t ask for it. Don’t you dare bring it on.

You’ll never live it down. Not here. Not in public. Not surrounded by all these women. You’ll never survive the humiliation. Not when they all notice that you should be forced to wear diapers when you just aren’t able to control yourself…