"While a fantasy is not supposed to be 'real', you brought a quality that made the idea of it seem real, and that's what it's all about; the idea of it."

Your Coworker Convinces You to Write Her Report for Her


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15 August 2009

Are you… Have you been watching me??? Oh, I know you have. A woman notices those things, you know. Hey, you know what? I have a proposition for you. I have so much work yet to do… If you do a favor for me, I’ll do a little something for you in return. HOw’s that?

I know you’re attracted to me. In fact, I bet you go home at the end of the day and fantasize about me. Don’t you! I bet you’d love to jerk off right over here next to my desk. Or have you done that already in your fantasies??

I’ll tell you what… If you write the report for me that’s due to our boss tonight, I’ll be incredibly generous and let you jerk off right here in front of me. Yes, in my own office! How would you like that?

What?! You have to think about it?!? Oh, don’t be shy. I know you want to. You REALLY want to! In fact, I’ll sweeten the deal and help you along…