“I’m so excited for all the great stuff you’re going to make this year.”

"I'm so excited for all the great stuff you're going to make this year."

Your Hot Coworker Invites You Under Her Desk for Private Play


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19 February 2010

I knew you’ve been watching me! I finally caught you. I could feel the heat of your stare on the back of my neck! You’ve been looking at me this entire time, haven’t you! Shame on you. I know what you’re doing. You’re a pervert.

You know, there’s something you could do for me. You owe me one. I want you to climb under my desk. Yes, right now. There’s something I want you to look at… You know, while you’re down there, you can forget about my taking a look at my computer. No one can see you.

I know what you really want to do. Go ahead and jack off… I’ll give you a good show!