"You are the number 1 foot tease quite simply because you have these utterly amazing feet!! They are like super feet!"

Your Auntie Makes Fun of Your Oddly Circumcised Dick


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16 September 2011

I couldn’t believe what I saw… I mean, I didn’t TRY to see. It just HAPPENED. I just had to pop in the bathroom really quickly to grab something. I entered with my eyes covered, knocked with a warning, didn’t at all intend to see what I saw. But I DID.

I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, to think my sister actually… well, CUT that poor boy when he was a baby! Why in the world would she circumcise her non-American son?? He’s an outcast now! He’s completely outside his own culture. He must’ve been teased so much as a child… the only boy circumcised! It’s just WRONG! He’s a freak!

And I wasn’t afraid to tell him that… and sympathize him… and try to help him in everyday possible when I saw what I saw. Because no man deserves that, to feel deformed, to be a reject. How is he ever going to find sex, women, or love??? Oh, the look on my poor nephew’s face when I told him just that….

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