"WOW!!!! Now I understand what makes you Numero Uno! You are not only beautiful and erotic but an amazing person too."

Disbelieving Nurse Can’t Stop Laughing at Your Small Penis


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27 November 2009

Now, why aren’t you undressed yet? You should be bare naked and covered in that hospital gown right now. I need to issue your physical exam. Are you shy? I’ll give you one more chance to get out of your clothes, every last bit.

Are you ready? NOw, let me just check… oh, have you been experiencing any problems? All okay? Let me just make some notes. I’ll put my rubber gloves on now, and since you’re so shy, I’ll look you straight in the face while I feel between your legs and check for anything odd that doesn’t belong.

Now, this is strange… I’m actually going to have to take a direct look… I can’t seem to find your penis!!

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