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A Parental Dose of Punishment and Confrontation for Your Dirty Ways


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14 May 2010

What is this… A letter from your principal?!? What did you do now? Caught masturbating in the bathroom at your school!! My goodness. I can’t believe what I’m reading. And you had the audacity to just sit there like nothing happened at school today. What a dirty little boy I have!!

I’ve got to think of a proper punishment for you… something as humiliating as your behavior is embarrassing. Take off all of your clothes. You’re going to stand in the corner ALL night long! No dinner for you… no breaks… and you’re going to wear this paper bag over your head the entire time. In fact, I’m going to write what you are in big, bold, black letters right across the front. You filthy little boy!

Oh, did I mention that your sister is going to be home any second and she’s bringing her girl friends over for dinner? It’s going to be a VERY long and embarrassing night for you!