"There is something very beautiful and honest about the way you are in your vids. It is not just your range of topics or ideas, but how you carry yourself and your sensuality."

Your Aunt Discovers Your Foot Fetish for Full-On Forced Foot Worship


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20 June 2014

Now, you play quietly while your auntie takes a nap. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? We had so much fun at the beach today… I can’t wait to slip my feet out of my flip flops! Now, just let me snooze for a bit and… ahhh…. zzzzzzz.

Oh, what was that? Oh, wait, what are you doing? Were you staring at my bare feet?? Smelling them even??? Is…are you… what’s going on? Wait a minute… do you have a thing for feet? Are you attracted to your aunt’s toes?

What if I wiggle them right under your nose? Or show off my wrinkled soles to you like this? Oh, look at your hard on! Well, that isn’t appropriate at all! We’re going to have to get rid of that… and, you really think my feet are attractive?

Well, that’s quite flattering really… do you like it when I do this? Oh, you DO! Then, take care of yourself while I show off my feet and we’ll NEVER tell your mother about this!