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A Big Surprise for My Good Boy


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22 February 2018

I’m so very proud of you… you’ve made such excellent grades at school and worked so very hard.  I want to reward you by relieving all that stress and taking all your worries away as only mommy can.  You deserve it!  I have a little surprise in mind for you… I just want you to close your eyes and open them ONLY when I say to.  Okay?  Are they closed?  Ready?  Open!

Ooooh, look at mommy’s bare feet and wiggling toes in your face!  Yes, they’re exposed just for you: my very good boy.  Now, I want you to play with yourself with your pants on, and then I’ll tell you when to slowly remove them so you can make mommy REALLY proud and stroke it for mommy.  You’re going to have every chance to show me just how much you love mommy while I talk about and show off my sexy soles, toes, arches, and heels right in your face…. I know my boy loves to see nothing but my bare feet and his mommy’s beautiful face smiling her approval…

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