“Your clip blew me away…it really felt like you were actually interested in giving me a great orgasm.”

"Your clip blew me away...it really felt like you were actually interested in giving me a great orgasm."

It’s Okay… Daddy Has a Foot Fetish Too


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10 April 2020

I only wanted to slip into bed with you, only wanted to be with my boy while my husband’s away.  Just to be near.  I just didn’t expect… I couldn’t have known… but when that hard, stiff… it just STABBED at me in the dark and… I instantly jumped up, turned on the light there in my son’s bedroom, and I was so angry!

…until I saw that look on your sweet face.  You were so embarrassed!  It wasn’t just your erection; it was the discovery of my high heel pumps under your covers with it!  Oh, but it’s okay… really it is.

You see, your dad has a foot fetish too.  He LOVES mine.  I understand… it’s just that… you shouldn’t think of your mother that way… not even my feet!  But we do need to sleep… and how in the world am I going to get you to get that out of your system now??

What if you talk to me about it, honey?  What if I show you my own bare feet, and then… you’re still getting so hard.

And no matter how many times I keep telling you not to, you just keep touching yourself anyway, and… it’s turning me on.  I don’t know if I can hide it anymore… I don’t know if I want to… I just want to touch you, help you, ask you to come for me…