“I think you are wonderful and I’ve never been as excited by a woman before you.”

"I think you are wonderful and I've never been as excited by a woman before you."

You’ll Be My Eternal, Chaste Slave as Soon as You Watch This Video


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21 April 2011

Watch me… watch this. You know you want to. You HAVE to. What’s in store for you? What sexy thoughts will I reveal? What erotic delights are waiting for you? You’ll never know unless you watch this video… look into my eyes… watch my soft lips move as my deep voice soothes you to a hypnotic sleep… trail your gaze over the smoothness of my leather pants and the pointed heel of my leather boots.

I know what you like… I know what you secretly want. I’m connected to your subconscious. You and I are linked. I am your mistress; you are my slave. My voice hypnotizes you… my lips issue your orders… my eyes control your mind… my pants hold you within my power.

You can’t resist. You don’t WANT to resist. You’re going to watch every second, you’re going to follow every instruction, and you’re going to be completely within my control FOREVER. Watch if you DARE…