"I would like to say that I love your videos, your face, your body, and your attitude."

Are You a True Self-Destructive Man and Slave to My Hurtful Intention?


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28 April 2011

I’m really looking forward to my date tonight. I’m going to be my usual perfect self… so hot, so sexy, so enticing that he’s willing to do everything I ask of him. Well, I don’t ask, do I?

No, you know that already. I just give orders. I seduce men, turn them into submissive slaves all willing to be downtrodden and practically begging for me to tell them what to do and give them a real life. Wouldn’t you love to know what I intend to do to my date tonight? I’m going to play a little game with him… you know what I mean.

You’re one of those men completely addicted to my videos, my every action, my every word. …even if I intend to hurt you. You’re self-destructive, and even when I’m being a total bitch, YOU get turned on! I do love teasing you…

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