“First off, thank you for the effort you put into your vids.”

"First off, thank you for the effort you put into your vids."

A Devious Agenda: College Co-ed Lures Professor into Role as Her Chaste Slave


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27 July 2010

She’s desperate. She’s got to salvage her poor grades this semester somehow, some way. She’s tried all the traditional methods; this professor just isn’t forgiving – or generous – at all. But there’s just one thing left that might make everything just as she wants it, one plan that has never failed, offers benefits galore, and connects this seemingly innocent co-ed with nearly every professor in the school.

All she needs is a private setting, an intimate meeting to “discuss” the issue with her professor. With a private, in-office meeting after class secured, the plan is in motion. She only has to let it unfold… let him fall into her trap… and then simultaneously terrify and delight him with an entirely new plan for his life as she lays down the new rules…