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You WILL Replace My Little Puppy


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7 July 2012

What did you do to my puppy?! Where is he?! You didn’t… you couldn’t… you WOULDN’T! You’ve always teased me about being an animal lover, even accused me of loving animals more than I love you, but don’t you dare joke about giving my puppy away! How could you?!!

Wait… let me calm down. I’ll accept the horrible thing you’ve done, the inexcusable action, as soon as I reveal a little secret to you. You see, I happen to be a witch… I just didn’t think it was important to divulge that little fact any sooner in our relationship, but it’s definitely going to come in handy now! Oh, you’re going to repay me… and REPLACE my little puppy… with your own life!

In a flash, I can make the transformation begin. It’s not too fast, not too painful, and I’ll make sure you don’t miss a single detail of your changing physical appearance and demeanor as it all happens right this moment. I can’t wait to have my puppy back. You’re going to look so much more adorable and lovable!

I’m going to train you, adorn you with little pretty pet accessories, feed you and tease you, pick you up and cuddle you, pet your scruffy, fuzzy, furry body, and tuck you into your pen for the night. Oh yes, the days of you sleeping in bed with me are over!

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