I think perhaps your clips should include a warning label; because one of these days, someone, is going to have a heart attack. When they say 'looks can kill', they mean when they look as amazing as you do."

Knocking My Small-Dicked Cuckold Boyfriend Down to Size – Part 3


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28 July 2010

So, how are you adjusting to your tiny little body? Loving those diapers on your powdered bum? Enjoying the view from the floor as you crawl around at my feet? Look who’s all helpless now! Your body matches your immaturity.

Oh, but I bet you’re missing out on all those benefits of being a full grown man now, aren’t you? Are you still turned on by my nude body? I’ll put on a little show for you… let you peek beneath my bath towel and remember what you used to enjoy… BEFORE you became my cuckolded lover shrunken down to the size that suits you, your small penis, and your other inadequacies best.

Now, look at your tiny little erection! Isn’t that just the silliest thing I’ve ever seen! Oh, this is ridiculous. This is no good. I intend for you to be my sexual slave, so I need you to… become a great big, satisfying dildo!! Voila! Now, that’s more like what I always had in mind… you have no choice but to pleasure me. Are you ready to lose your virginity all over again as I insert you right inside me??

Wait! That would be too enjoyable for you. How about a condom? You could blanket my new lover’s big cock… no? Well, then how about a tampon? You can be closest to me that way, always with me, and still able to lick my clit at my command…. How do you like it down there in my panties tucked between my pussy lips?? Take a deep breath. You’re going in further, and I’m taking you to work with me!!