"I don't know why the taboo stuff does it for me. Maybe it's because of your more genuine acting that most women in your profession don't care to invest in. I could scarcely call any other adult performers 'actresses.'"

Honey, I Have a Confession to Make


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11 July 2012

This is so hard for me to say. Well, not quite. Do you notice the way my face lights up when I speak of him? How my giggle escapes from my sexy smile when I go into detail about the new man I’ve fallen for? Honesty is so important in a marriage, so I really must tell you everything. Right?

I still love you, I do… and all of your cute fetishes and how you love to play my submissive. But, there are things you can’t provide me, things I didn’t even know I was really missing. He, my new lover, is so… he’s just so masculine, so physical, so… it’s different with him, you know?

Of course, honey, you’re entitled to ask anything you like. But are you sure you want to know? The details? Yes, I’ve slept with him. I just can’t help smiling as I coyly cover my mouth, can I? I’m really not trying to hurt you; I’m trying so hard to be loving to you through this. But, yes, to answer your question, he does love blowjobs… he loves to come in my mouth… he…