"I love your clips. I got all the enthusiasm in the world when you're involved. Can't wait to see what you do next."

You Want MORE Candy, Fatty? Be Careful What You Ask For


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29 October 2009

Did I hear “trick or treat?” Mmm… what have we here? I bet you want some candy, don’t you! I can tell by the looks of your big, fat belly peering at me through your costume?

Now, what are you dressed as this Halloween? A very hungry boy? Is this what you want then? Ooooh, my you chomped that down your gullet VERY fast! I have plenty more where that came from. Follow me…. you want more candy, don’t you? Have a seat right here, don’t wiggle too much, and I’m just going to use this rope behind your chubby hands… Don’t worry, it’s just a game! You like games, don’t you?

I have a challenge for you. I bet you can eat this whole big bowl of candy… can you? Oooh, you’re drooling already, aren’t you! That’s a good fatty. Open wide… I’m going to fill you to the brim!!