“Your audios are a great addition to your library!”

"Your audios are a great addition to your library!"

You Think I Give a Shit about Your Poverty?? I’m Worth More than You’ll Ever Be


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29 April 2011

Do you know how hilarious that is?! You want a raise?!?! An actual increase in your pay for all your hard work?! You how I waltzed into this company, why I was promoted high above you after just two years, and you still remain on minimum wage after investing 20 years of your life in this company? Because you’re PATHETIC.

You’re not worth anything. Nor is your starving family. My lifestyle is quite comfortable now with my current salary. Did you notice my new fur coat hanging up? Isn’t it lovely? How about my jewels and outrageously expensive shoes? Did you say you have to eat dog food to nourish yourself? I just threw away a steak last night… it just wasn’t up to my standards.

You say your wife is lying in the hospital wasting away and you need to buy her medicine? You should have thought of that a long time ago, before you realized that you’d always be passed over for any raise or promotion or advancement in life. You’re NOTHING! And I’m certainly not going to share my wealth with you! I’m keeping it ALL to myself!!