"Your performance here consistently awakens a certain intensity that rivals some of my more adventurous encounters; it’s a wonderful feeling."

Kneel before Your Baroness and Recognize My Power Over You


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14 December 2012

On your knees, peasant. You know your place. I let you live on MY land and you haven’t paid your taxes in full. No, there’s no excuse. I’ll tell you just what I have done to paupers like you who’ve failed to make their due payments. I don’t care if your wife and family are starving. I don’t care if your dirty children have been living off handouts just to pay my tax.

I won’t hesitate to put you in the stocks, humiliate you publicly, or end it all for you in an instant. All I have to do is give the command. I am your baroness. You must pay homage to me in this world where dominant women have taken care of. You’re pathetic; I’m all-powerful.

You beg for your very existence; I decide if I want you to exist at all. You’ll remain this pathetic, pitiful, and unhappy forever while I live a pampered, wealthy, charmed life. Yes, that’s just where YOU belong.

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