"Love what you are doing and will have to have an extra A/C unit put in just to see any clip of yours so your extraordinary hotness doesn’t burn the place down."

The Day I Discovered My Power to Transfer Any Trait to YOU


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14 August 2015

I’ve had the WORST day… and you just stand there, towering over me, like I’m supposed to feel small and weak and pretend I’m actually treated fairly at the office? Are you kidding me! You’re supposed to be my boyfriend: my support, my partner, my comrade in arms! Where’s the respect??

I just want you on my side… and we always end up arguing about this. You don’t know what it’s like… being so small and short compared to everyone I work with… being female in a man’s world… being looked down on and talked down to. If you really cared for me, you’d at least TRY to understand! I wish… I wish… I wish you could just experience what it’s like to be my height, to be treated like I am and see the world differently.

I wish I could just have your stature and enjoy a day with everyone looking up to ME. I wish YOU had to look up at me!! I… wait… you’re… you’re getting smaller… or am I… I’m… I’m as tall as you now! Or… as tall as you WERE. Look at you! You’re a shrimp!

You… you have my height and I have yours and… I can’t believe I… I think I just made that happen! I… what else can I do? Maybe I can swap any trait with you I like. If only I had your strength too…

I would love to trade my weedy little arms for your hard muscles… oh, I would make fun of you and your weakness ALL day long if I could just…