"It was really surprising to be coaxed and teased so much that I had my first handless orgasm!!"

You Like My Lycra? I Might Let You Come All Over It


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8 November 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Wake up, slave! Oooh, startled to find my big, curvy ass in your face? Don’t you like it? I know you do… and I’m going to exploit that fact for as long as you can stand it. I’m wearing these tight, lycra pants stretched over my firm ass just for you. I know they drive you wild. I know they make you tremble with desire.

I’m going to press them right to your nose, stretched across my ass cheeks. I’m going to shove them in your face until you think you can’t hardly breathe. I’m going to model them, smooth my hand over their smooth curves, and make you drool for my curvy bum hovering over your head! Just when you think you won’t be able to take anymore, I’ll GIVE you more… and then, if you’re still worshiping my beautiful heart-shaped ass, I just might let you come on it.