"You have some obvious assets when it comes to playing the object of our erotic desires. However, I think that the assets that make you better than the rest in this field are your heart, charisma and sincerity."

Treating My Cuckolded Husband to Hot Panty Play and Telling My Lover All about It


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14 February 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, that’s it, honey. Wear those panties like the real man you are! Dance around in them for me. Do a turn. Yes!! yay!! I think that pair is definitely the cutest on you. Do you want to jerk and come for me while wearing my panties? Stroke your cock just like this, honey. You look so hot! You can come on my ass if you want… then kiss it!! Oooh, I love that!

Don’t you love my sweet encouragement to indulge in all your fetishes? Want me to sit on your face now? You’re getting hard again! Why don’t you clean yourself up, hot stuff, and I’ll be right back…

(“Hi… yeah, it’s me. No you can’t come over just yet. My husband’s still here! Yeah, he thinks we broke it off, but we have to be careful about meeting. You should’ve seen how he looked in my panties!! You would’ve laughed your ass off. Yeah, he’ll do anything I ask him to. He’s such an ass kisser! And so weak… I mean, a real man doesn’t wear panties. Gross! Yeah, he wanted me to sit on his face too… he really likes it! He made the most ridiculous face when he came… he is endless entertainment, if nothing else. Nothing like you. You know only your big cock and sweet tasting balls are the ones for me!”)