"You are by far the most erotic adult model I've ever seen. I want to see MORE of you! You blow my mind and make me harder than I've ever been."

You Bet Your Ass


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14 July 2017

Let’s play a dress up game. YOU start completely naked, and I’ll begin fully dressed to my sexy best. Dying to see more of me? Well, you have to win a round of this little dice game then. It all depends upon the numbers. I’ll roll each round to seal your fate. If you win, you get to stroke your hard cock while I take off something. If I win, I get to tell you what to put on… something sissy to add to the fun.

You won’t to be able to stroke once you lose a round and pause play to get all dolled up, AND you have to bring back an ice cube every time. I have a special task in mind for you to perform with it… each and every time you lose a round. Let’s just say that you’re going to be so eager to touch your cock and finally come… which you’ll do, with a dildo in your ass, all for my viewing enjoyment, if you LOSE once you’re completely sissified in a slutty fem outfit. Watch out; I’m very lucky at games…