"Thank you for doing that thing you do,Tara Tainton... because nobody does it better. Those little extra swings you put in your walk... just those sexy little details are wonderful."

Who’s Really in Control of This Game?


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21 December 2017

Are you a risk taker?  Want to leave your pleasure all up to mere chance?  Let’s see what the game has in store for you this time.  We’ll roll round by round, and if you win the roll, I’ll remove a piece of my clothing… tempting you all the more as you masturbate the entire time.  But you’ll only learn what your fate is when I win a round as I invent exactly what I want you to do JUST before I roll each time.

That’s right: I may change my mind as the game continues just to make sure I’m satisfied.  Most of all, if I have a specific ending in mind I want to see you comply with: well, luck may be on my side.  Rather, luck IS always on my side!  Now, remember that as we begin this game, we’re essentially making a pact.  I’ll follow just what the roll dictates and YOU must too!