"I bought this clip as a birthday gift to me. its the best gift i ever got myself."

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: New Year, New You


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31 December 2019

You. Yes, YOU. You have no stamina. You can’t make it to the end of my videos. You’ve never succeeded at a Masturbation Marathon. YOU COME TOO FAST!

I hear your cries, and I’m here for you. Let’s get back to the basics (again!) for a remedial lesson in stamina training. We’re going to do this webcam style—all of you men (and women) gathered around the globe to TRY to make it to the end of this video, this remedial marathon created just for you.

Let’s see how you do… it’s NOT going to be easy. But we all have to start somewhere, right? Here’s to a NEW YOU for the new year!