“Just recently stumbled onto you and I’m glad I have. You’re just on a completely different level.”

"Just recently stumbled onto you and I'm glad I have. You're just on a completely different level."

Women’s Basketball Team Gangs Up to Humiliate You


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14 July 2012

Oh, yes, we ALL have it in for you! Oh, we love to tease and harass and make your life MISERABLE. We taunt you, claiming you’re part of the “team,” then we turn on you and point out just how pathetic you are and in just what ways we feel so much better about ourselves because we have a little shrimp like you around to compare ourselves to. You’re our team mascot!

You’re sooo good for morale! Just look how tall and athletic we look compared to you… how much you drive up our confidence… and how handy you are as a stumpy little rack for our sweaty towels. Now that the game’s over… well, we think we deserve a big prize for our big win. We’re waiting for you to take your clothes off. What’s the matter? All the women on the team cackling at you and your TINY size too much for ya??