"I've never e-mailed a woman from a clip before, but felt compelled on this... that clip was just so great!!"

You Know What Your Short Stature Means, Shrimp?


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11 January 2012

Look at you! You’re so… SHORT! I mean, your face is actually IN my cleavage, like your eyes are level with my boobs! Not that that wouldn’t be enormously pleasant for you but… you’re a man! You’re supposed to be taller than a girl! You’re supposed to be big and strong and powerful. But you’re just so… shrimpy!

Hey, you know what they say about short guys… EVERYTHING about you must be small… your strength, your abilities, your skills, your personality, your PENIS SIZE! ha ha ha!! Let me see it. Go ahead, show it to me. I want to compare it to those I’ve seen before… just as I’m comparing your terribly inadequate height to my own tall stature. You’re so pathetic!

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