"I've been looking for a POV woman that has an imagination. You are the queen of POV!!"

Women Shouldn’t Play with Experimental Things


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25 September 2015

Just another day at the office? Just another board meeting? No, this is an invention you’ve always wanted to witness in action yourself. Can it be? Is it really this easy? The doctor is nowhere in sight, but his partner stumbles into the conference room frazzled, a bit embarrassed, and not quite herself as she plants the doctor’s new device on the table before you and the other board members. What’s happened?

She rushes around to get the projector ready, obviously having already gone through some ordeal behind the scenes in her haste. She mumbles something about hoping she doesn’t get fired, and all you’re thinking about is how you swear she had bigger breasts the last time you saw her. She looks… younger somehow. Just a bit, and just a bit naive. Of course, time is money, and you’re all in a rush. The doctor may not be in, but you’re expecting a serious presentation and you demand an immediate demonstration.

The assistant hurriedly hands the device to you, swears by its security mechanism, and offers herself up as the guinea pig. FLASH! Right before your eyes, her business attire has grown larger… or has she grown smaller? She’s stumbling in her too-large pumps, giggling at the sight of her long sleeves, and sounds like a bubble-headed girl. It works! The device actually works… and seemingly without its victim quite aware of what’s going on.

It’s in your hands now… FLASH – FLASH – FLASH! Every time you grow bored, every time she grows too despereate to watch, you pull the trigger once more. After all, this is just what you came to see.

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