"I just want to let you know I think you are absolutely amazing. I have watched your clips a zillion times. I even like your voice. You are the best."

The Tables Are Turned When I’m Commanded to Strip and Measure Every Intimate Part


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25 November 2016

NEXT! Stand here, strip down, and I’ll take your measurements. Don’t be shy; this is my job. I’ll inspect your every crevice, assess your entire body, and determine your worth. You can’t argue with the process; I have orders from upstairs. What’s this? You’re handing ME an order from the head office? But, this can’t be!

No, no one subjects ME to such scrutinization! No, I… I can’t strip in front of all of you. I’m supposed to demand that YOU do! But… I can’t argue with those in charge. This letter says I must do everything you direct of me: starting with revealing and measuring my own breasts… tit, aureola, nipple… then you demand I strip down to COMPLETELY nude.

I slowly peel everything off at your command, then suffer your staring at my own pussy. You order me to measure it, in every which way possible, so you can take in every detail. Finally, finally, will you let me get back into my clothes and retain some sense of dignity???