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The Day I Slipped Inside My Mother’s Hot-as-Fuck Body


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9 February 2016

She didn’t know what hit her. I swooped in, took control, had my way with her – again and again and again – then I left. Yes, I fucked my own mother… in her own body.

It was so easy to work the magic I’d just learned, to take control of her mind right over the phone, and plant myself right in there. When she woke up the next morning – when I woke up in her body – her mind was gone, and I had a fucking field day in my mom’s body.

So fucking hot… I touched her in ways I never thought I’d ever know, did EVERYTHING to her I always wanted to, and felt a woman’s multiple orgasms under my own hands. I sucked… fucked… fingered… penetrated… and came over and over again. Until I couldn’t hold on anymore. Until I left my mother’s used body to her own mind again.

All she knew when she returned to her own body was that she felt totally fucking violated. She’ll never know it was by her own son.