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At Your Wife’s Request


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25 April 2019

Ah ha!  You’ve been found out, your dirty devil.  Your wife has finally found your significant stash of MY videos, your prized collection of jerk-off material you hoped she’d never be able to attribute your erections to.  She knows the truth now; she’s well aware of your addiction.  To ME.  And now, your wife herself has made a request.

Yes, she’s sent me, Tara Tainton, the object of your desire, a video request all of her own.  She has something in mind for YOU.  She’s making you watch this… as your punishment.  She has specific instructions for me, and I’m happy to oblige.

At your wife’s request, you will NOT be coming.  No, not this time.  I’m going to tease you, drive you crazy, bring you to the brink over and over, and NOT allow you to come.  At all.  Not during this video, not when your wife doesn’t want you to.

I hear she wants you all worked up for HER.  I’m doing the dirty work; she gets the result.  She says she wants you watching this video so that she can tell you when you’re allowed to come: maybe only when WITH her, maybe only when she allows you to.