"What gets me is just how freaking open you are with everything about yourself, and how passionate you are with all of these videos!"

Stealing a Moment to Play Duck-Duck-Goose at the Office


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9 November 2021

You’re SO insatiable! And such a game player… like a little boy who just can’t get enough FUN time. I can’t say I blame you. I’m a big fan of games myself, especially the TEASING kind… or those in which I get to be in control. You’ve been begging for a new Duck-Duck-Goose game to masturbate along to, and I’m here to serve!

This time, you’re stealing me away from my work for a naughty game right in the office. Oh, we flirt together like this all the time, don’t we! The boss is gone, so it’s time to play! I have to admit, I get a big “loosey goosey” with the game’s rules this time. I’m driving you wild with intense tease and flashing the most intense views of all when you’re not even permitted to touch your cock!

This is a game of stop and go, charging you to orgasm, and all about the upskirt scene this round. Panties, orgasms, stockings, and ass galore! Oh, and you know it’s impossible to keep my BREASTS out of the picture!