"Everything from your beauty to your personality to your sexuality... You drive me insane. I wish I could better articulate just how you make me feel inside."

We Might Be Late for Dinner, but We Have to Take Care of that Bulge in Your Pants


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10 January 2010

Hello, Baby… Are you ready to go now? I hope you’re ready to have some fun tonight. Mmmm… it’s obvious that you really love my sexy legs and the high heel shoes I picked out to wear to dinner with you. Now, you can’t leave the house with that huge bulge in your pants! Looks like we have to take care of that right away.

We have just a few minutes before we need to go… and I’m horny. I want you to take off ALL of your clothes and jerk off in front of me right now! Come on, Darling. Get naked! Don’t keep me waiting…