“Thank you, I haven’t had this much fun masturbating in quite a while.”

"Thank you, I haven't had this much fun masturbating in quite a while."

All Right, I’ll Let You Smell My Feet Just Because It’s the Only Way You Can Get Off


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4 October 2009

Are you staring at my feet again? You’re so pathetic! Just look at you. You’re practically drooling over my black patent leather high heel pumps and tight tan pantyhose. Can you smell my stinky hot feet from there? It’s totally turning you on! I know; I know. You’re so addicted, so infatuated, with my own sexy shoes and feet that you can’t even get off any other way now. Just look at you!

Fine. No one should be prevented from enjoying a hot orgasm. You shouldn’t have let yourself get so attached to MY feet, you know! Now, take a good look at my sexy shoes, take out your cock for me, and… you’re totally going to have to sniff my stinky feet and wet pantyhose stretched between my wiggling toes.

Better come quick. This is you’re only chance! You should consider yourself lucky. Now you better come right on my countdown or I may make you wait a really, REALLY long time before I let you enjoy my feet and come again.