"Your scene build up is flawless. The one thing I really like in all of your videos, that you take time to build up the scene."

Wanting and Waiting for Me to Watch You


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25 September 2010

Oh, gosh, the MOST embarrassing thing happened!! Oh, geeze. I totally… I mean, it was a TOTAL accident!! I actually walked in on my husband’s friend doing his thing. You know, PLAYING with his thing!! Oh, so embarrassing, you have NO idea! I just ran out. After apologizing profusely of course. So awkward!

Well, but that’s not all. It happened again!! Yes, AGAIN! I accidentally saw him in the middle of the act, didn’t know he was supposed to be home. So weird!! But then… it happened a THIRD time. yes!! Imagine it. And, it occurred to me that that was quite a coincidence. You know? I’m not stupid. So, I confronted him.

I actually stood there and told him I KNEW he was trying to get caught. And you know? He confessed he actually wanted me to watch him! …doing THAT!!! Can you believe it?!? So, you know, well, I thought about it. And it wasn’t like I was doing anything really wrong. You know? So, I stayed. And watched.

And oh my gosh!! It actually started to turn me on. At first, I was just barely looking, then I realized he got more turned on when I stared at his thing. So, I just kept looking and, well. Don’t tell ANYONE! But, I just had to touch myself too. Yes, while watching him!! I think we even came together…. is that weird??!?