“You are wonderful, Tara, and as long as you are making videos I will continue to support you.”

"You are wonderful, Tara, and as long as you are making videos I will continue to support you."

Volunteering for Genuine Hypnosis Promises Most Intense Orgasm of your Life


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7 June 2010

You take masturbation seriously. You take your sex life seriously. You definitely take your own orgasms seriously. And you know you want more. Yes, more! And why not? You DESERVE bigger and better and more fulfilling orgasms.

I know how to help you achieve them. You’ve come, as usual, to the right place. Let a professional assist you in mastering your masturbation technique, enhancing your sexual sensations, and enabling you to realize the most intense orgasm of your life. No tricks, no gimmicks, and no ulterior motives… I’m hear to conduct hypnotic induction.

I will use the sound of my voice, the intensity of my power of suggestion, and your focus on the trance-inducing movement of my shiny pocket watch to slowly guide you deeper and deeper into a state of true hypnosis. You’ll slip deeper with the introduction of a few pointed countdowns ending as I snap my fingers to incite even more relaxed states of mind.

Once you’re fully entranced and most impressionable, I will personally and professionally guide your masturbation, your every movement, pace, and squeeze, as I describe the increased sensations and intense state of arousal welling up within you. With an erotic countdown, you will come on my command… gushing as you never have before… and be left in a state of utter and complete relaxation and rejuvenation. With one final countdown and a snap of my fingers, you will wake once again. Enjoy the ride…