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Aversion Therapy Session 4: Our Professional Relationship Evolves


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26 June 2009

Oh! I didn’t see you standing there. Please, have a seat. How was your week since we last met? Any issues with masturbatory urges you weren’t able to handle on and control? Wonderful. Let me just take a few notes here.

Please go ahead and remove your pants as usual. Let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll remove your chastity cage. Let’s not waste any time; we’ll get started right away.

Now, follow the exact movement I am making with my own hand as you stroke your penis for me this time. Yes, just like that. Now, we’re going to speed up the strokes. Yes, you’re doing an excellent job. You’re so good at following direction!

Remember that the key is to be able to demonstrate complete control over your erection and ejaculation. You must stop when I instruct you and remove your hand from your penis entirely. You must match my own stroking style and pace… I’ll be very interested to learn your choice at the end of this session: whether you choose to come with my countdown or remain chaste and enjoy hasty progress.