"Even though I'm not normally a fan of the simulated stuff, I find your work amazing."

Using Shrink Powder on My Creepy Older Stepbrother


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2 August 2012

What do you want now, creep?? Why in the world did you just barge into the bathroom on me?? Explain yourself, shrimp! Wait, what are you staring at?! Quit looking at my tits! Now, get out of here… oh, wait, you must be really happy now.

My big platform flip flops put my tits right at your eye level! Is that what you want? Do you wish you were even shorter?? Don’t you dare reach for my tits, shrimp! I’ll knock you down and then get the shrink powder out!! I won’t hesitate to kick you with my giant shoes while you’re down. And don’t you dare run away from me and my giant shoes, you little two-inch insect!!! I’ll smash you flat!