"I love watching your clips, indeed they are flipping fantastic. Your camera work and editing are excellent, and I love the way you work to camera - truly mesmerizing."

I Know What You’re After, and I’m Going to Do You In


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25 October 2009

I know you have a thing for me… I heard you’ve written me into your will! Such a dirty old man… walking by my house each and every day, hoping for a good look into my windows to catch a naughty peek at me, wishing to catch me outside and trap me in a conversation. I usually dodge you; I’m just not interested. But today, when you knock on my door, I’m going to let you in.

I’m going to entertain you for a bit, make polite conversation, and… my, I never realized how short you are! Just wait until I put on my sexy VERY high platform flip flops… Oooh, are my breasts right in your face? I’m so sorry! hee hee hee… I wouldn’t want to cause your heart to start racing, to possibly make you pass out, or maybe knock you down to the floor with my huge tits leaving you staring at my sexy little feet on their giant platform pedestals.

Oh, you’re not going to expire today are you?! That was never my intention…