"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Does It Hurt More When I Crush You if I Make You Wait for It?


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8 March 2012

I’m having the very best time of my life just chatting with my girlfriend on the phone… we both LOVE little shrimp men, of course. We both love to catch them, chase them, torment them… and CRUSH them. We’re always comparing collections and our man-stomping adventures.

In fact, you’re watching me from your position so far below me and my hovering platform shoes in between fibers of the carpet right now. Hello down there! Are you wondering just what I have in store for you or if I even spotted you down there? Do think I know you’re listening in or that all my talk on the phone is part of prolonging your torment? Are you wondering if I’m wearing these giant high heel shoes just for effect or if I really do stomp the lights out of little men with them?

I’ll show you soon enough… but I’m going to prolong your agony, your torment, and your anxiety as long as possible…