"You're one of a kind, Tara; I'm looking forward to your future releases."

Your Giantess Mum Delivers Exactly What a Pervert Deserves


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7 October 2011

Oh, you’re in for one heck of a day! I can’t believe what you put me through. I never should’ve let you move back into the house after your father kicked you out LAST time! You and your weird shrinking fetish… you’re such a freak. I’m just minding my own business in the kitchen, slaving over the stove, when I turn around and find YOU staring at my chest!

Were you just looking at my ass as I bent over to pick the spatula up off the floor?!? How dare you! You’re my SON! Pervert! Get out of the kitchen… just GO! Now, I don’t know where in the world you disappeared to… you could be anywhere. Watching me, thinking about me… ew, gross! I’m always finding you sniffing my socks, stealing my shoes, staring at my feet… where are you? Oh, gross! I just sat on you!

Did you… how did you manage to shrink yourself?! You disgust me! I should kick you out right now… if I can catch you. I bet you’ve been staring at me all along.. you know you’re a very edible size now. How about if I dangle your tiny body over my mouth, threaten you with my uvula, and lick my lips… does that scare you? It should! I could gobble you down with one bite!

Are you going to behave now? Oooh… did you just come in my mouth!! GROSS! Don’t you run away from me.. you’re gonna get it now… you AND your little hard-on. If I don’t crush you first, I’ll make you come for my smelly feet before I squash you to your doom. Better yet… I’ll just eat you for dinner. *crunch* *crunch* Mmmmm…..