"Your videos are fantasies that I've actually fantasized about. I love rotating through your videos and seeing the new ones you post."

The Ultimate Taboo


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4 June 2019

There’s something I want from my beautiful boy, something I’ve wanted for so long and now, only have one way to get. I want a second boy, one to love and hold and cherish.

I need my son to get me pregnant.

But how do I explain it all to him? How do I teach him why, this time, we can’t use a condom… after I’ve taught him to always be so careful when he’s “cuddling” with any woman? How can I trick him into “snuggling” with me right now, maybe even several times a day over the next few days, just so I know I get what I want.

Mommy’s ovulating, and I need my beloved son to breed another. That’s not awful of me, is it? Oh, he loves our cuddling time….