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Our Super Secret Club #7


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22 June 2021

A promise is a promise. I never expected you to visit on a Saturday, but you most definitely are welcome to pop in whenever you like. You’re a founding member; you have your own set of keys.

It just so happens that… I was… “entertaining” another… “guest.” Mmm, hmm. But I’m always happy to see you.

Now, what brings you here on a fine, sunny Saturday afternoon? Oh, we need to hold a club meeting, do we? Well, it’s just that… I’m so TIRED. hee hee hee But of course, we most certainly will have a meeting if you’d like. In the special “meeting room?” Of course… follow me…

(You know what I think would be quite nice on a day like this? Some nice mutual masturbation…. oh, why am I so wet down there? I’ll explain. There are a few reasons why a woman may be all wet… Creamy? Well, there’s only one reason for that. And since, as club members, we’re always honest with one another, I’ll explain…)