"All I can say is FRICKEN WOW. Now I can't wait to find the right woman who can help me live out that fantasy. Inception. You planted it, now it won't go away."

Transformed by your Unexpected Shrinking and My New Found Power


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28 July 2011

Oh, dear. Did you read this list of possible side effects on the bottle of vitamins you’re taking every night before bed?? Says here that you could find yourself growing smaller! Wow. You know what… Oh, uh, honey… I don’t think you’re as tall as you usually are. Seriously.

You’re head is level with my breasts! Don’t you notice that your chin is right in my cleavage?! Oh, my… you ARE shrinking! Right before our eyes! Don’t you notice??? I think you’re growing smaller the more that you’re turned on. Do you think I’m sexy now that I’m taller than you? I think this new relative height is turning me on… I can actually pick you up now!

I feel so strong… I could throw you right on the bed! Do you want me too? I mean, I could play the dominant one in bed now, just wrestle you down and have my way with you. Would you like that? I’m getting so horny… I feel powerful… would you… could you… oh, your dick just isn’t big enough for me to even ride you anymore!

Wait a minute… let me try another position… oh, my gosh, I can stuff your balls in my pussy too!! That feels REALLY good… and… I… can… come… right… on… top… of…. you’re SHRINKING again!!! I’m so much taller than you now… towering over you even. I feel so powerful… so alive!

What, are you afraid of me now, little man? Think I can repay you for all those ways you were dominant over me int the past? Afraid of being trampled by my high heels? Drowned by my sopping wet pussy? KNEEL before me!

Do I turn you on? You’re shrinking even more… watch me masturbate and travel up my leg to my pussy. Come closer… closer still… let me swallow you up feet first with my amazing pussy muscles!!