"You're a genius. You've made my blood boil again. Thank you, you sexy, beautiful, enchanting woman! Bless you."

Another Student Falls Victim to After-Class Torturous Masturbatory Tutelage


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21 September 2011

(Followup to “Stern Teacher Delivers Your Ball Aching Formal Lesson in Masturbation” and “After Class Detention for Failing to Come on Command.” Enjoy them together or separately!)

Oh no… there is not ANOTHER bad little boy in my classroom who failed to come on command after my very determined session in teaching all of you real discipline! YOU… right in the front… YOU will be detained after class for your own private detention.

You’re in for a grueling one-on-one session, following my every command and direction, masturbating with your bits bared before me while you’re squeezed into your little school desk, speeding up and slowing down your tugging just as I intonate, and utilizing various objects to make you FEEL the frustration you have caused your teacher for disrespecting her with your classmates.

Oh no… you DID NOT just peek down my suit jacket into the depths of my cleavage again. Eyes up!! *slap slap slap!* Keep your eyes on mine OR my hands and NOWHERE else! Stroke, stroke, stroke some more and don’t you DARE come before I dictate or there will be DIRE consequences!!