"I would like to say that I love your videos, your face, your body, and your attitude."

Today, You’re the Luckiest Boy on Earth


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2 November 2021

Oh, my poor boy is laid up in bed, thanks to your skateboard stunts. Now, you’re confined all summer long with not one, but TWO, broken arms! No worry, I’m at your side to nurture you back to perfect health. We’ll have you all healed up in no time!

But, what’s that? A boner standing up under the bed covers?? Oh, dear! We hadn’t thought of that! What in the world are you going to do all summer long with no… well, no way to take care of it? Don’t worry dear… after all the wonderful times we’ve had together over the past few years, I couldn’t possibly let my boy suffer like that. I have just the answer.

I’ll disappear just for a minute, then return in my bathrobe… with something special for you underneath. Do you mind if I lie next to you?

There, dear, let me treat you to a REAL handjob, using my best technique: the perfect pressure, my soft hands, and my gentle words whispered in your ear. More than that, I may find myself really moved by the experience and shared moment myself… and when it begins to seriously turn me on, I know I’m going to keep going until I milk you completely DRY.