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The Impossible Request – Part 1


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25 July 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

I just got back from the doctor, and I have something to tell you, honey…  The doctor says that I have a heart condition and that the medication needed to cure it is experimental and costs in the thousands.  I know… it’s absolutely devastating, but… there IS an alternative.

Gosh, no… how can I possibly ask this of you, my only son, the absolute joy of my life??!  Oh, but I just don’t know what to do, baby!   I’m so scared, and the doctor says that it will only get worse to the point that I just can’t even be cured at all.  Aw, baby, I love that you want to help me in any way that you can, but I… well, you’re my own family… I’ll just tell you what the doctor said and see what you think.

Honey, he says that the only alternative form of “medication” is through a specific dosage of semen that is directly linked to my own DNA.  And since you’re my only living blood relative, that means I need to milk you DAILY to get the medicine I need to cure my fatal illness.  I have the doctor’s note right here!  You see?  I know.  I’m your mother, but I just don’t see any other way.  Your father passed away, and I have no means of getting the money, no one else to help me.  Please try and understand… I would not otherwise ask such a thing of you, my own dear son, under any other circumstances.

Please do this for your mother… no one has to know, honey.  I love you so much, and this will only bring us even closer together.  Now, you look nervous… I know you think you can’t possibly get it up for your mother, but let me help you.  We have to try; I need your milk right away!

Have you ever come before?  Even touched it before?  Oh, this might not be nearly as easy as I thought it would be… but OH MY GOD, honey!!!!  You’re not even hard yet, but it’s still so huge!  And it’s so beautiful!  My son’s has a huge and beautiful cock!!!  TO BE CONTINUED…