"I recently watched one of your CEI vids, and you made me feel comfortable with myself. I think I may become a better lover because I'm not afraid of getting a little dirty. You got me to be comfortable to eat my own cum and it's exciting. thank you."

Your Boss Issues a Pantyhose Reward for All Your Hard Work


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15 January 2010

You’re still hard at work I see… Don’t think all of your extra effort goes unnoticed. As your boss, I see EVERYTHING. I’ve caught you staring at my pantyhosed legs everyday, eying them from toe to thigh… Do you have a thing for pantyhose? I thought you might. Your boss knows EVERYTHING.

And here you are, the last one to leave, one of my few employees left at the office. It’s the perfect time to reward you for all of your hard work. Do you see what I have in my purse for you? Long, tight, silky, sheer, tan pantyhose… from my own personal collection. I’ve even cut out the crotch for the occasion. YOU are going to put them on. Right here, right now. I’ve locked the door of your office and no one will see a thing.

It’s time for your reward… I have a second pair of pantyhose that I’m going to pull right over your stiff cock, pulling the leg tight over you and tying the excess around your balls and shaft. How does that feel? You like? I’m going to begin by sucking you right through them… don’t come just yet!

Then, I’m going to pull down my own pantyhose and ride your pantyhose-covered cock. Oh, yes! But don’t come yet… I’m going to finish you off with a handjob and coax that cum right through the pantyhose… and lick off every drop.

Oh, you’re going to get a very positive evaluation for your review this quarter. No bit of extra effort goes unnoticed around here!