“I get really excited every time I go to clips4sale and I see you have a new sexy adventure waiting for us.”

"I get really excited every time I go to clips4sale and I see you have a new sexy adventure waiting for us."

Threatened by Your New Stepmom? You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!


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31 January 2010

Hi, Honey! I’m so glad you agreed to take some time out for us to get to know each other better. I wanted to take this opportunity to dispel those horrible rumors you’ve heard about me, those crazy criticisms… a gold digger?!? Hardly! I married your father for love, not for money. I know you don’t trust me, you don’t approve of your new stepmother, and you’re not too comfortable with my young age either. I can assure you that I do not care one bit about your family’s considerable wealth.

Yes, it’s true that I was a stage hypnotist, and your father did meet me at one of my shows in Vegas. It’s all just a show, darling. You certainly can’t really turn someone into a mindless zombie or brainwashed slave! Oh, heavens no. That’s just silly!

Here, let me show you… just relax and watch my sparkling pendant gently dangle to and fro hovering just above my cleavage… I want to reassure you that hypnosis is completely harmless and certainly not any powerful magic or anything. Wait, why did you get up?! No, no, sit down. All right, I’ll put my “evil” necklace away, silly. You really believe those things you’ve heard, haven’t you? Well, I won’t try to hypnotize you again. Let’s just sit and have a little chat. I know that you’ll realize where my true intentions lie and how honest I am if we just spend more time together.

(Hmmmm… so it’s my legs and pantyhose that he’s attracted to… I’ve got him now! He’s been glancing down at my legs every chance he gets. All I have to do is draw his attention to them purposely, focus his thoughts, guide his eyes with my own fingers, and I’ll have him joyously under my hypnotic control in a matter of minutes… )