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StepMom Needs Her Shopping Money


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19 July 2013

Don’t mind me.  I just wanted to check in on my #1 stepson.  Oh, you ARE my favorite… even if my ONLY stepson.  Well, you could show me how much you care about me by, um, helping me with a situation.  You see, your father has cancelled my credit cards.  Yes!  And I need to go shopping.

If you’d just transfer some of your own money into my account online real quick, I’d be so very grateful.  Oh, now, don’t pretend that’s a tough decision.  In fact, it’s no decision at all.  I see the way you look at me… I know how you feel about me… you’d do anything for me, if I just asked very sweetly.

Do you like the way my fingers are caressing my cleavage?  Are your eyes following the circles they’re drawing around my hidden nipples?  Are you getting hot… bothered?  Just transfer those funds… and again… and again.  And if you dare say you’ve run out, I think I spot your girlfriend’s purse over there probably filled with her daddy’s credit cards you can borrow from.

Yes, keep transferring over that money… don’t make your stepmom pout.  You don’t want to disappoint me.

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